Make-Tech kit


Contents of a kit

1 x Arduino development board

1 x analog/digital light intensity sensor

1 x Smart Car Chassis

2 x yellow direct current motor with gear

2 x quality wheel compatible with the engine

1 x Current Pushing Circuit for L298N Motors

1 x servo motor

1 x 360 bracket for servo motor

6 x switches

2 x set of 40 bridging wire in colors

1 x LCD screen 1602 including I2C

1 x LM36 temperature sensor

1 x Distance Sensor (Ultrasonic) HC-SR04

1 x stand for distance sensor

1 x Infrared receiver circuit

1 x infrared remote control

1 x ISD1820 audio recording/playback circuit

25 x resistors of different values (50, 100, 220, 50K, 470K)

25 x LED bulbs in different colors (red, green, yellow, white, blue)

2 x colored LED bulb

1 x 2N2222 transistor

1 x matrix 400 holes

1 x soldering iron set with USB connection

1 x Plastic Storage Box

The first assessment that designed by teachers, for teachers.

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