ITEC Ltd. is an Israeli leading supplier of solutions and services for a wide 

range of professional industries, as well as for the Education market.

For over 30 years, ITEC is at the forefront of Israel’s fast developing hi-tech industry, representing international leading manufacturers of software and hardware solutions.

Our Vision is to become a natural & preferred choice of customers by providing solutions combined with services in varied technologies and cleverly engineered advantages to help them stay ahead of competition.

ITEC specialized sales & support engineers assist customers from the early stage of design, development and verification throughout their product life cycle, aiming to keep a high level of satisfaction and preserve long-term relationships.

We strive to provide innovative products and technologies required today and anticipated for the future, to ensure that customers maintain a competitive advantage in their marketplace.

We deliver quality and cost-effective solutions combined with Pre & Post sales services that provide added value based on extensive knowledge of technologies and methodologies, to meet specific requirements and realize tangible results.

All our solutions are ISO9001:2000 certified and meet 

the highest quality and safety requirements.

ITEC has 3 divisions:

Development Tools

ITEC Development Tools division provides S/W & H/W solutions for Embedded Systems design and for safety-critical applications including meeting DO178 requirements.

Our broad range of advanced technology products covers the full spectrum of the design process, from an architectural model-based design up to onboard testing. Our range of tools includes – Real-Time Operating Systems, JTAG Debuggers, Model-Based design tools, Automatic Code generators, verification and validation tools, timing analyzers, prototype design boards

Test & Measurement Division

ITEC T&M division offers professional Test and Measurement Solutions for R&D, Lab, and Field applications

Our broad range of test systems covers the needs for material testing properties of Plastic, Rubber, Packaging, Medical, Pharmaceutical, Cannabis extraction, Food, Bio & Nano-technology, Including Force measurement systems, Gas permeation systems, Nuclear radiation meters, Environmental chambers, On-line analyzers for chemical solutions, Pressure and flow in a variety of professional application as well as precision measurements of electrical and physical parameters.

Education & training

ITEC Education and training division offers training systems for all ages, from Kinder garden school to University in a variety of subjects: Electronics, Mechanics, Control systems, Robotics, Chemistry Engineering, Food Engineering, Bio-Technology, Hydrology, and Environmental studies.

We provide our customers turn key projects for labs and study centers, as well as pedagogic support, curriculum development, and teachers’ training courses.  

We also offer off-the-shelf, and tailor-made, courses for all ages, for training and enrichment, in Robotics, product-oriented Inventive thinking, and 3D CAD.