Israel's fast developing
electronics industry


ITEC Ltd. is an Israeli leading supplier of solutions and services for a wide range of professional industries, as well as for the Education market.

 For over 30 years, ITEC is at the forefront of Israel’s fast developing electronics industry, representing international leading manufacturers of software and hardware solutions.

Development Tools

Provides S/W & H/W solutions for Embedded Systems design and for safety critical applications including meeting of DO178 requirements. Our broad range of advanced technology products cover the full spectrum of the design process, from architectural model based design up to on board testing. Our range of tools include – Real Time Operating Systems, JTAG Debuggers, Model Based design tools, Automatic Code generators, verification and validation tools, timing analyzers, and prototype design boards.

Test and Measurement

Offers professional Test and Measurement Solutions for Lab and Field applications. Our broad range of test systems include, force, tensile, compression and torque measurement systems, nuclear radiation meters, environmental chambers, on-line analyzers for chemical solutions, as well as precision measurements of electrical and physical parameters such as Voltage, Current, Power, Resistance, Time, Frequency, Temperature, Pressure and Flow in a variety of professional application.

Education and Training

Offers training systems for all ages, from Junior high school to University in a variety of subjects: Electronics, Mechanics, Control systems, Robotics, Chemistry Engineering, Food Engineering, Bio-Technology, Hydrology and Environmental studies. We provide our customers also standard test equipment such as Oscilloscope, function Generators, power supplies, and multimeters. We also offer off the shelf, and tailor made, courses for all ages, for training and enrichment, in Robotics, product oriented Inventive thinking and 3D CAD.

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