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Berkeley Nucleonics

Isotope Identification

Berkeley Nucleonics Corporation is dedicated to providing instrumentation service and hands- on training, in addition to a line of world class RIIDs (radiation isotope identifier devices), BRDs (Backpack Radation Detectors) and other portable / semi-portable gamma spectroscopy products. Our RIIDs and package solutions are well suited for an wide array of applications including covert homeland security tasks, baggage & cargo screening, environmental protection, health physics, HAZMAT and medical/radiopharmacy process controls. 

We have an OEM Integration Team recognized by the DOD and DOE that can incorporate radiation detection capability into most applications. We offer a COTS and Custom Products line to create solutions for the individual needs of our end users. This may include including various detector sized and types, local or remote interfaces, integration with other monitoring activities, packaging from portal and vehicle to small handhelds, or broader protocol development support.

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