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High Speed HV Switches:

 We are designing and manufacturing fast high voltage solid-state switching modules in single and push-pull switch configuration, in MOSFET, IGBT, MCT and Thyristor technology, for AC and DC, for voltages up to 150 kV. The solid-state switch program is divided in two basic categories: Switches with a fixed on-time (product groups A to B4) and switches with a variable on-time (product groups C1 to C8). Switches with fixed on-time are very cost-efficient and are used mainly in simple charge or discharge circuits. Due to their excellent EMC characteristics they are ideal switching elements in generator circuits for damped oscillations, especially in connection with the fast free wheeling diodes of the series FDA. Switches with fixed on-time are also the first choice, if the application requires extreme di/dt's, very fast voltage rise time or very short pulses. In contrast to the switches with fixed on-time, switches with variable on-time have a true relay behavior and are therefore more universally applicable. They are ideal in applications with variable pulse width, variable duty cycle or in cases, where an infinite on-time is required. Push-pull switches are preferably be used to generate true symetrical square wave pulses with fast rise and fall time, often in connection with capacitive load. In contrast to a set-up with a single switch, a push-pull circuit does not require a working resistor and is therefore much more efficient regarding high voltage power consumption at higher operating frequency. Due to the absence of the working resistor, the size of the input energy storage capacitor can be reduced to a minimum without negative impact on the top flatness of the generated pulses. Push-pull switches are therefore the ideal choice in square wave pulse applications with high demands on the shape of pulses. 

BEHLKE switching modules are always galvanically isolated. They can be used as high-side switches for positive as well as for negative voltages. If the voltage polarity must change during operation (e.g. in TOF masspectrometers with positive and negative ion accleration), then the AC switch technology comes into consideration. AC switches are available both as single and push-pull switch.

The control of the BEHLKE switches is always realized by a simple TTL signal. The internal control and safety circuit provides control pulse shaping, over frequency and temperature protection. The switches cannot be incorrectly controlled. They are always in full on- or off-state condition and never in between, even under the worst operating conditions. Also the turn-on or turn-off rise time cannot be influenced by any external impact, which guarrantees a very high switching reproducibilty and a very good long-term reliability of the entire application circuit. The control circuit of the switches with variable on-time has an additional inhibit input, which allows the connection of external over current sensors, external thermotriggers or other external safety circuits. 

All switches are available with optional cooling features such as improved thermal conductivity (option ITC), non-conductive ceramic cooling surfaces (option CCS), isolated copper cooling flanges (option GCF), non-conductive ceramic cooling flanges (option GCF-CER), or non-isolated cooling fins in copper (option CF) or light weighted graphite material (option CF-GRA). For corona critical applications, the cooling fins can also be made from non-conductive high performance ceramics (option CF-CER). Liquid cooling is applied, if the air cooling comes to its limits. There are two ways for liquid cooling: The indirect liquid cooling (option ILC) and the direct liquid cooling (option DLC). The indirect liquid cooling has a medium cooling efficiency and is designed for simple conductive and non-conductive coolants such as mains water or de-ionized water. More efficient and mor suitable for high frequency operation is the direct liquid cooling (option DLC), which utilizes Perfluorinated Polyether (PFPE), Perfluorcarbon (PFC) or Hydrofluorether (HFE) as non-conductive coolant. 

Customized switches with individual electrical and mechanical modifications are available on request. Please consult BEHLKE or send a technical inquiry

High Speed HV Pulsers:

The standard high voltage pulser program is based on the BEHLKE HV solid-state switches of model series HTS. The program includes fast pockels cell drivers for Q-switch and other laser applications, as well as precision square wave pulsers for deflection and accleration grid drivers, for kicker magnet drivers, for ion trapps, for TWR and Klystron modulators and for many other analytical, measuring and test equipment. The model series FQD, GHTS, FHPP and FSWP is a standard productline for "plug and play" solutions. All BEHLKE pulsers are designed for system integration, that means, the pulsers need a high voltage power supply and a control signal source for operation. Depending on the optional cooling features (cooling fins, cooling flange or liquid cooling) the above mentioned pulsers can reach continuous repetition rates of up to 3 MHz (product group D).

It needs to be mentioned at this point, that every BEHLKE switch can also be transformed into a pulser unit by the combination with additional passive and active part components, which are integrated and potted together in one housing with the switch. Such additional part components can be damping resistors, working resistors, RC snubbers, buffer capacitors, free-wheeling diodes and high voltage sockets etc. The benefits of an integrated pulser solution are less EMI, less corona, less built volume, increased electrical performance, perfect insulation, simplified high voltage wiring and less assembly costs. 
Please consult BEHLKE for OEM pulser solutions.

Fast High Voltage Diodes: 

 Fast high voltage diode assemblies for free-wheeling purposes with 80 ns recovery time for voltages up 150 kV and peak currents up to 10 kA (model series FDA). FDA diode assemblies are available as single diode, double diode or as diode network with a serial blocking diode for the use with MOSFET or IGBT switches. All BEHLKE high voltage diodes are available in cost efficient plastic housings or with the cooling options mentioned above. Please refer to product group E.Customized high voltage diodes are available on request. Please consult BEHLKE.

Dielectric Liquid Cooling:  
 We deliver all components for DLC direct liquid cooling based on dielectric coolants (PFPE, PFC, HFE) including intelligent pump units, heat exchangers, cooling plates, cooling boxes, active and passive radiators, flow sensors, quick connectors, adapters, tubing and coolants (product group F). 

High Voltage Part Components:
  HV film resistors, HV mass resistors, HV ceramic capacitors, HV probes, HV cables (product group G).
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