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With the most powerful built-in data processing capability, including difference calculations and pass-fail functions, they make Quality Control easier than ever with true compliance to all International Standards.

The menu-guided operation is simply controlled and activated by a jog-dial button. Data can be stored in the large capacity memory and output to ExcelTM for professional detailed reports using the included Easy-link software.

The instruments high precision measurements and reliable automatic calibration contribute to strengthen your quality standards.

All these performances are contained in a compact, sturdy and light weight unit.

Five models are available:

  • Tri-Glossmaster μ: 3 angles in one instrument with built-in thickness gauge
  • Tri-Glossmaster 20-60-85°: 3 angles in one instrument
  • Glossmaster single-angle: 20, 60, or 85°

Tri-Glossmaster 20-60-85°

Measure 3 angles simultaneously with one instrument - easy to calibrate - easy to use - making quality control easier than ever.

With the versatility of three geometries the new Tri-Glossmaster allows any quality variations to be recognised quickly and effectively.

Samples can be measured separately at each angle or at 2 or 3 angles simultaneously and effectively processed using the powerful built-in software.

Tri-Glossmaster μ

This three angle 20-60-85° gloss meter is identical to the Tri-Glossmaster, but equipped with a built-in thickness gauge enabling gloss measurements to made as a function of the coatings thickness on the same sample spot, measuring in seconds.

Glossmaster Single Angle: 20, 60 or 85°

Identical features as the Tri-Glossmaster, but measuring only one angle.

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