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Micro IRHD Laser - Single

Micro IRHD Laser - Single

Micro-IRHD Hardness tester with laser centring device for the automatic serial measure of O-ring and small rubber parts

Characteristics of the Instrument

The instruments is supplied with laser centring device and motor-controlled sample holder for the displacement of the part to be measured.
The sample holder moves the test piece under the laser centring tool and then places the optimal test point of the part under the micro-irhd testing unit.
The positioning and hardness measuring is performed automatically without intervention of the operator.

The instrument is conforming to ISO 48, ASTM 1415, DIN 53 519-1/2 standards.

Apprications and Use of the instrument

The instrument permits to perform the measure of micro-irhd hardness of o-rings and small parts eliminating the human influence in the sample positioning.
The instrument is useful for:
- Product approval or Quality Control tests which require the repeating of the tests on statistical basis
- Mould approval tests
- Process capability analysis 
- Testing of small parts difficult to be centered manually
O-ring or small parts with thickness between 1 and 20 mm can be tested.

The laser testing process can be stopped to perform tests with standard samples.

To perform the test you simply need to:
- place the part to be tested across the test line of the motor-controlled sample holder
- insert the identification of the product
- press start
- when the test sample has been tested the sample holder moves back to the start position and the instrument is ready for the next test 
- the results obtained can be printed and saved

The software for the control of the instrument includes a ‘Scan’ function which permits to record the laser reading of the profile of a piece and to define the position where the test has to be made.
The test setup for each product is stored and is automatically re-used when the same product is tested again.

The instrument is supplied with ACCREDIA calibration certificate. The certificate is issued by Gibitre ISO-17025-Accredeted laboratory

Technology of Micro-IRHD device

The micro-irhd testing units produced by Gibitre measure the force applied to the sample using a load cell. This technology, widely used for the hardness testers for metals, permits to eliminate the effect of friction in the application of the force and improves the test repeatability. 
Characteristics of the laser centring device and of the sample-positioning system

The laser sensor used is class 2 type and has 0.001 reading resolution.
The sample positioning disk permits to set the position of the test piece with 0.005 mm accuracy.
The combination of accurate measuring and sample positioning devices ensures a very high repeatability of the results obtained even when very small parts are tested.

Standards the instrument complies with
ISO 48; ASTM D 1415; DIN 53 519
Unit of measure
IRHD-M (micro)
0.1 irhd point
Instrument Control
With Gibitre-Hardness software
Test modality
Serial automatic testing of the parts placed across the test line of the sample holding disk
Calculated Results
• IRHD Hardness • Thickness of the sample • Angle coefficient of hardness relaxation curve • Hysteresis (sample return after set time from load removal) • Correction of hardness according to the thickness of the sample (according to WIP ISO 48:2010)
Data analysis
Mean, std. Dev., min, max, Cp, Cpk of test results. X-Chart and Gaussian distribution
Rubber Relaxation curve (hardness versus test) time in linear and logarithmic axes
Tolerance verification
Comparison of test results with the tolerance limits set for the product
Results storage
Saving of results and curves in standard database
Laser Device
Class 2 laser sensor Resolution: 0.002 mm
Sample thickness
Between 1 and 20 mm
Electronic calibration Report with traceability to primary references ACCREDIA calibration Certificate (optional)
Personal computer
Minimum Configuration: Intel Core I3 2 GB RAM Compatible operating Systems: 7 and 8 (64 bits) Connection to the instrument via USB cable (included)
Software usage Languages
Italian, English, French, Spanish, German, Portuguese, Russian, Chinese, Japanese, Turkish, Polish
Power supply
110÷240 VAC ±10%, 50÷60 Hz ±3, 4 A, Single Phase 40 W
(W x D x H) 470 x 350 x 600 mm
37 Kg

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