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Manual Digital Hardness Tester

Manual Digital Hardness Tester

Portable instrument for the measurement of shore Hardness consisting of Shore testing unit (Shore A, D, A0, 00) and battery powered digital console.

Instrument Characteristics

Portable instrument for the measurement of shore Hardness consisting of Shore testing unit and digital console. 
Different hardness sensors are available (Shore A, D, 00, A0). More sensors can be connected to the same console.
Each type of sensor is produced with a weight, which corresponds to the approaching force required by international standards.
Up to 2000 test results from tests can be saved in the unit.
For each measurement, initial hardness and hardness after the customer defined test time are stored. The console is fitted with RS232 serial port for data export.
The console can be powered both with rechargeable batteries and with external power supply.

Use of the instrument

The instrument can be used either for direct manual testing or in combination with a support stand.

Manual use 
The direct manual use of the instrument is extremely easy: the sensor simply needs to be placed on the sample. Application handles for flat or round surfaces and battery kit for the console are available.

Use with support stand
Simply insert the hardness sensor in the housing hole to start using the support stand.
Regulate the top part of the support according to the thickness of the sample (max 120 mm).
Place the sample on the sample-holder and lift it using the handle to start the test.

Execution of the test
The test starts automatically when the sensor comes in contact with the sample. The initial hardness value
and the hardness after the customer defined tests time are automatically stored.


- Support stand.
- Manual holder for the testing of flat and round surfaces. 
- Battery kit with charger. 
- ACCREDIA calibration Certificate. 
- Windows based software for the direct acquisition of data and curves during the execution of the test.
- Certified samples for instrument verification

Standards the instrument complies with
ISO 868, 7619-1, 7267-2, ASTM D 2240, DIN 53 505
Hardness sensors available
Shore (A, D, 00, A0)
Calculated Results
Initial hardness, hardness values after customer defined test times.
0.1 Shore points
1 kg (Shore A), 5 kg (Shore D), 400 g (Shore 00) Support: 5 kg; Console: 500 g
Digital console dimensions
(Width x Depth x Height) 100 x 200 x 40 mm
Digital console power supply
110/220 V 50/60 Hz Rechargeable Batteries (10 hours operation time)
Support features
Regulable hardness unit position
Support Dimensions
(W x D x H) 200 x 200 x 350 mm
Report with traceability to primary references ACCREDIA calibration Certificate (optional)

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