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  • Touchscreen full colour control panel (high-resolution widescreen (800 x 480px))
  • Graphical display of temperatures
  • 32 storage memories (presets) 
  • Temperature data can be saved to USB datastick (as standard) – Advanced data logging and display option for saving to PC
  • Calculated flow display (as standard) – Electromagnetic flow sensor option
  • Hold time displayed
  • f0 display
  • Progressing cavity pump
  • Compact, mobile, easy to install
  • UHT throughputs up to 20 l/hr for product and 120 l/hr for CIP
  • Pasteurisation throughputs up to 50 l/hr (plate heat exchanger)
  • Process temperatures up to 150°C
  • On-board pressurised hot water circulator
  • Variable holding tube option
  • Fully enclosed hoseable cabinet
  • Interchangeable pressed chevron plate heat exchanger and tubular heat exchanger
  • Regeneration stage (plate heat exchanger)
  • Fully instrumented
  • Rapid switch-over between heat exchangers
  • Feed-tank level sensor
  • Two-stage cooling options
  • Manual preheat temperature control


  • Requires little space and installs quickly
  • Low product hold-up
  • Carries out tests on a few litres of product 
  • Many products can be tested with versatile plate or tubular system
  • Can form part of a complete processing line (aseptic and non-aseptic)


  • Baby foods
  • Beer
  • Beverages
  • Condiments
  • Confectionery
  • Cream
  • Culture media
  • Desserts and puddings
  • Fruit and vegetable purees
  • Fruit juices and cordials
  • Gelatine products
  • Gravies
  • Ice-cream
  • Health and nutritional products
  • Milk
  • Pet foods
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Sauces and soups
  • Yogurts

FT74XTS UHT/HTST Service Unit:

The FT74XTS service unit provides the services, controls and instrumentation to run the Armfield miniature-scale heat exchangers as described below.The heat exchangers fit on top of the service unit and can be interchanged easily in just a few minutes.

The service unit comprises a feed tank, a product pump, instrumentation for the heat exchangers and an electrically powered hot water boiler with a recirculation pump. It is controlled by an integral programmable logic controller (PLC) with a high-resolution full-colour touchscreen panel providing the operator interface.

A novel feature is the feed pump, which has two speed ranges. A low speed range for UHT processing and a higher range for clean-in-place (CIP) or for processing at higher throughputs and lower temperatures. The flow rate is fully variable in each range. The feed pump is a hygienic progressing cavity pump controlled by a state-of-the-art frequency inverter, which compensates for any slip in the pump drive motor. Thus the flow rate of the product can be determined to an accuracy sufficient for many purposes directly from the pump speed setting. This calculated flow rate is displayed on the screen.

An electromagnetic flow meter option is also available (FT74-40).

Miniature Tubular Heat Exchanger:

The standard FT74XTS permits the temperature history to be recorded onto a USB datastick for subsequent analysis. Also available is an advanced data logging system with software, enabling temperatures, product pressure, pump speed etc to be recorded directly onto a Windows PC (not provided). The accompanying software provides a range of sophisticated real-time graphical and tabular display facilities. See www.armfield.co.uk/armsoft for more details.

The FT74-20-MkIII is the standard tubular heat exchanger, and uses a series of concentric 316 stainless steel tubes to heat and cool the product. A gentle preheat can be achieved by adjusting the hot water flow to the first two tubes. Four further heating tubes are used and both 2s and 15s (@ 10 l/hr) holding tubes are provided as standard.

The four cooling tubes can be used either as a single cooling stage, or split into two stages of two tubes each for enhanced cooling when used in conjunction with a cooling water supply and a chilled water/glycol supply (eg Armfield FT63). The FT74-20-MkIII can be upgraded to the FT74-24-MkIII (below) at a later date.

The FT74-24-MkIII is an extended version of the FT74-20-MkIII, with a total of eight cooling tubes (4+4). When used with a chilled water/glycol supply on the second four tubes, and with the static mixer options, this heat exchanger can give product output temperatures below 10°C, dependent on product, flow rate and processing temperature.

The FT74-21 is a set of static mixers for two tubes, and can be used with either tubular heat exchanger to improve the heat transfer. This is particularly useful when trying to get maximum heating or cooling with viscous products. Multiple sets can be used to optimise both heating and cooling performance. Additional static mixers can be added at any time.

Miniature Plate Heat Exchanger:

The FT74-30-MkIII is the standard plate heat exchanger, comprising a regeneration section, a heating section and a cooling section. It is based on miniature 316 stainless steel plates specifically developed for this application. The chevron pattern mimics the turbulence and shear rate of industrial-scale systems. Holding tubes of 2s and 15s (@10l/hr) are provided as standard.

A number of options can be provided to enhance the performance of the standard plate heat exchanger. These options involve additional plate configurations and are easy to retrofit by the user.

The FT74-31 Homogeniser interconnecting plate can be fitted into the regeneration section and permits connections to an upstream (ie before heat treatment) homogeniser to be made. It includes a temperature sensor on the homogeniser return, which can be displayed on the FT74-44 data logger. The FT74-32 Homogeniser interconnecting plate enables the homogeniser to be connected after the heat treatment (downstream).

Note: only one interconnecting plate can be fitted at a time.

The FT74-33 Two-stage cooling option provides a complete additional cooling stage. The second cooling stage can be used in conjunction with a chilled water/glycol supply (eg Armfield FT63) for the best possible product cooling. Output temperatures below 5°C are possible, dependent on the product and the flow rate. An interconnecting link is provided to permit single-stage cooling.

The FT74-34 Additional heating option provides extra plates in both the heating and regeneration sections. This is useful for difficult products at high temperatures, or where higher throughputs are desired.

Other Accessories:

FT74-65 Variable Holding Tube

Comprising three different holding tube coils, packaged together in an insulated canister, the FT74-65 can be easily configured to provide seven different holding times between 30s and 120s (@10 l/hr). Intermediate holding times can be achieved by varying the feed flow rate. The variable holding tube can be used with all the plate and tubular heat exchangers described above. It is supplied with an additional temperature sensor to enable the product temperature from the holding tube to be displayed on the screen.

FT74-53 Suction Feed Assembly with automatic changeover

The FT174-53 adds an automatic water feed to the suction feed assembly (FT174-41). Should a low feed-level situation occur then the unit can switch to a pressurised water feed automatically. This therefore means that the operation of the HTST system is not interrupted.

FT74-45 Sterilisation Link

The FT74-45 is an additional heat exchanger, which can be used with the FT74-20-MkIII or FT74-30-MkIII to sterilise the complete system including the cooling section. The heating power is derived from the hot water boiler used in the FT74XTS. It can also be used to link to and sterilise an aseptic filler such as the Armfield FT83.

Note: If using an in-line homogeniser, the additional cooling tubes of the FT74-24-MkIII, or holding times in excess of 45s, then additional measures will be required to completely sterilise the system. Please consult Armfield with your specific requirements.

FT74-41 Suction Feed Assembly

The FT174-41 is used in place of the feed hopper. The suction feed assembly allows the system to be connected to a feed tank. The assembly includes an in-line level sensor to protect the feed pump from running dry.

FT74-22 Pneumatic Back Pressure Valve

When working with particulate products and the tubular heat exchanger, the standard mechanical back pressure valve can be replaced by the FT74-22 to give much more stable flow and back pressure. (Requires a supply of compressed air)

Associated Equipment:

A wide range of equipment is available for use in conjunction with the FT74/FT74XTS systems to enhance the overall processing capability.

FT90/91 Homogenisation Sub-system

When used with an FT74X/FT74XTS, the FT90 gives a complete inline homogenisation capability upstream or downstream. See separate data sheet for details.

FT83 Sterile Filling System

The FT83 allows sterile product produced by the FT74X/FT74XTS to be packaged into pre-sterilised containers in an aseptic environment, see separate data sheet. The FT74-45 is also required to sterilise the overall system.

FT63 Process Chiller

Provides a supply of chilled water for use with the tubular heat exchangers, or with the second stage cooling option of the plate heat exchanger. See separate data sheet.

FT140 Mixing Vessels

Armfield can offer arrange of mixing tanks with low speed agitators, optional heated jackets and optional high shear mixing. Standard sizes are 50l and 100l. Please contact us with your specific requirements.Armfield can offer arrange of mixing tanks with low speed agitators, optional heated jackets and optional high shear mixing. Standard sizes are 50l and 100l. Please contact us with your specific requirements.

Integrated systems

The majority of customer requirements can be easily and simply implemented from the standard items listed above using a modular approach. However, there will be situations when these standard items will not meet the full needs of a specific customer. Armfield offer a service to design and build complete bespoke integrated processing lines optimised to your requirements.

FT74X Heat Exchanger Service Unit:

Feed pump
Progressive cavity variable-speed pump, with standard and high flow modes.

Particulate handling:0.8mm
Fibre handling:25mm
Standard flow:10-30 l/hr
High flow:Up to 120 l/hr

Pressurised water circulator

Water capacity:4.0l
Pump circulation rate:Variable up to 6.0 l/min
Water temperature:165°C maximum
Safety cutouts:
  • Low level
  • High pressure
  • Mechanical pressure-relief valve
Heating duty:4kW maximum

Tubular Heat Exchangers:

Number of tubes:FT74-20-MkIII: 10 (2 preheat, 4 heating, 4 cooling
FT74-24-MkIII: 14 (2 preheat, 4 heating, 4 cooling, 4 chilling
Tube diameter (product side):8.1mm
Overall diameter:15.8mm
Length (heated):0.40m
Material:316 stainless steel
Assembled test pressure10 bar
Working pressure:15 bar (maximum)
Standard holding tubes:2s and 15s

Plate Heat Exchangers

Plate overall dimensions: 75 x 115mm
Effective diameter: 3.0mm 
Plate thickness: 0.5mm 
Wetted perimeter: 153.0mm
- Plates: 316 stainless steel 
- Gaskets: Food-grade silicone 
Working pressure: 10 bar (max) 
Standard holding tubes: 2s and 15s

Number of plates:
FT74-30-MkIII: 9 heating, 10 cooling, 10 regeneration
FT74-33-MkIII: 11 second stage cooling
FT74-34-MkIII: 4 additional heating, 4 additional regeneration

FT74-65 Variable holding Tube
Nominal holding times (at 10 l/h): 30, 40, 60, 70, 90, 100, 120 seconds

Other holding tubes available on request.

Sensors and Instruments

Temperature measurement channels:

  • Inlet
  • Preheat
  • Main heat
  • Hot water
  • Outlet
  • Plus one unallocated

Product pressure: Flow rate derived from pump speed

Cold water flow: Manual


Electrical supply:


Water supply:

Town water is required for product cooling, typically 5 l/min (or FT63 Process Chiller).

Overall Dimensions:

Width:0.85m (1.10m with FT74-45 fitted)
Gross weight:380kg

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