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Certified samples for Shore A hardness verification

Certified samples for hardness testing

Gibitre Instruments provides certified samples for Shore A hardness verification


The use of certified samples permits to perform periodical verification of the conformity of the reading of your instrument in the period between two calibrations.
Periodical verification is useful considering the importance of hardness as a testing parameter.

Characteristics of the product

The hardness of elastomeric products is strongly influenced by the temperature. For this reason the samples produced by Gibitre have a shape that permits easy handling without transmitting the heat of the hand to the testing area.
The samples are provided with a calibration Certificate with traceability to the certified hardness tester used for the measurements.
The samples are provide with an insulated protection case that permits the protection of the samples from temperature variations and from the light.

Available Configurations

- Complete box including 5 samples with different hardness within the Shore A range (approximatively 40 - 50 - 60 - 80 - 90 Sh A) 
- Box containing one single sample with one of the available hardness.

Shape of the samples
The shape of the samples has been developed to permit easy handling without heat transmission to the test area
Protection Box
The wooden box ensures protection against light and temperature variations
Sample identification
The samples have unique identification code to permit the traceability of the calibration
Number of samples
The complete box includes 5 samples. Single samples can be provided
Calibration Report
The calibration report is issued by Gibitre Instruments and includes the traceability to the officially-calibrated hardness tester used for the measures
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