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IRHD Micro Test Blocks - H11

IRHD Micro Test Blocks - H11

IRHD Micro Test Blocks - H11

General Information

The H11 Test Blocks conform to the Micro Test Specification of the following standards: BS 903 Pt A26, ISO 48, ASTM D1415 and JIS 6253.

Each set consists of four rectangular blocks of rubber approx. 25 x 25 x 2 mm.

One, two, three or four corners are removed for identification purposes and relate to the hardness values specified in the lid of the box.

Four blocks cover the range of approx. 35 - 95 IRHD with a tolerance of +/- 2.

They are manufactured from high quality rubber formulated to resist the ageing effects on hardness of temperature and time. The Test Blocks are intended to be used as a check to ensure that instruments function properly and read correctly. They are not intended as standards with specific hardness values. Each set is supplied in a neat wooden box with a test certificate.
Rubber Hardness Test Blocks are also available in other scales - IRHD (Macro), and Shore A, Shore D and Shore M.

Care of Test Blocks

Rubber Test Blocks should always be replaced in the storage box when not in use and the lid closed. They should not be exposed to light and should be stored at 23 ± 2°C. Contamination with oil and grease should be avoided and the blocks should be kept lightly dusted with talc.

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