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NB3010 Series Brinell Hardness Testers

The Newage® NB-3010 is an ideal solution for lab and medium volume Brinell testing applications. This tester is used for determining the Brinell hardness of un-quenched steel, cast iron, nonferrous metals and soft bearing alloys. The NB-3010 measuring range is 8 – 650 HBW using a tungsten carbide ball indenter. The NB-3010 applies precise loads using a deadweight design. A pneumatic cylinder ensures that the load descends smoothly without an impact effect, and that the deadweights return after the test. A 60 psig air regulator using clean, dry air is required. Deadweights are used for applying up to eight different loads from 62.5 kgf to 3000 kgf. The NB-3010 also features a semi-automatic test procedure which is easy for the operator. The operator simply raises the elevating screw until the specimen makes contact with the indenter. At the press of a button, the load is applied and removed after a pre-defined dwell time. Time-at-loads of 12-, 30- and 60-seconds are permitted and each time period has a dedicated pushbutton further simplifying operation. 

Once the impression is made, you can use a Newage Brinell scope or our B.O.S.S.™ system. The B.O.S.S. system is supplied standard on the NB-3010-LB model. This computer-based system displays tests on your computer, stores your test results electronically and can print SPC reports. This automated system reduces operator influence on test results 



Features & Benefits 
  • Simple-to-Use, Semi-Automatic Control 
    Pushbutton controls ensure proper loading and dwell time.
  • High Accuracy Dead Weight Design 
    Precision dead weights apply load automatically without impact effect. Requires minimum operator monitoring.
  • Economical
    Economically priced, yet rugged. High-quality materials and construction.

  NB3010 Series

 Industry Compliance

 ASTM E-10



 Air Supply

60 psi, 0.4 cfm

 Load Measurement System   


 Load Range (kgf)

      62.5, 187.5, 250, 500, 750, 1000, 1500, 3000    

 Dwell Times (sec)

12, 30, 60

 Vertical Capacity


 Throat Depth



10mm Tungsten Carbide

 Measurement Range (HBW)



110V, 60Hz

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