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SCADE Display

SCADE Display® is a powerful and versatile graphics design and development environment for embedded Human Machine Interfaces (HMI).

With a native support for the OpenGL® SC (Safety Critical) and ES (Embedded System) standards, SCADE Display represents a new generation of graphics software development tools, spanning prototyping, display design, simulation, verification and validation, and certified code generationsupporting several safety standards (including DO-178B, DO-178C, EN 50128, IEC 61508 or ISO 26262) in a certifiable environment.

SCADE Display is tightly integrated with SCADE Suite® providing a comprehensive development environment for both embedded HMIs and their behavioral logic.

SCADE Display Specification Example

Reduce Development & Verification Costs

  • Automate specification of displays
  • Avoid human errors during coding/testing
  • Validate specification at model level
  • Enforce compliance with international standards
  • Increase resusability of specification parts
  • Reduce time to market
  • Reduce quality assurance and certification efforts

SCADE Display Sweet Spots

SCADE Display is already used as a display software prototyping and development tool by leading companies in the Aerospace, Rail Transportation, Automotive, Nuclear, and Industrial domains. It is ideally suited to support the design of Critical Embedded Display Systems (Multi-Function Displays, Head-Up Displays, Digital Instrumentation and Control Panels, etc.), but also to create schematics (electrical, hydraulic, or plant mimic diagrams), as well as 2D/3D Simulator Displays and Trainers for drivers/pilots, crews, or maintenance teams training.

SCADE Display Sweet Spots

Tailored for Critical Display Applications

SCADE Display drastically reduces critical project costs by providing WYSIWYG design entry with automatic qualified code generation technology. SCADE Display KCG code generator is qualifiable for use as a development tool under DO-178B and DO-178C level A, IEC 61508 at SIL 3, and EN 50128 at SIL 3/4. SCADE Display KCG Certification Kits provide all material required by the respective standard guidelines for the certification authorities:

  • Tool Qualification Plan (TQP)
  • Tool Operational Requirements (TOR)
  • Interface Requirement Specifications (IRS)
  • Graphic Libraries Interface Documents
  • Tool Accomplishment Summary (TAS) or Safety Cases
  • Compliance Analysis to certification standard
  • Standard Software Installation Procedure (SIP)
  • Software Configuration Index (SCI) and standard-specific documents
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